• Our Mission

    To connect high end individuals with flair for fashion to Loro Piana fabrics and having them stitched by the Master Tailor “Salvatore Di Francisca”

  • Bespoke Tailoring

    There is nothing like the feeling of wearing clothing that fits perfectly, knowing the garments are unique

  • Our Craftsmanship

    At Salvatore Di Francisca, we know there are many elements that make up a great suit. Most of the imperative parts are hidden, and are crucial to the performance and longevity of the garment.

  • Loro Piana Elegance & Style

    The Master Tailor uses only Loro Paiana Fabrics. Loro Piana is an Italian clothing company specializing in high-end, luxury cashmere and wool products.

  • How It Is Done

    All measurements are done by the Master tailor himself. Stitching is done in Italy using the chosen fabric and the highest standard of accessories such as lining, buttons etc.

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The Process of a 'Bespoke Suit '

  • Consultation with the Master Tailor
  • Fabrics
  • Customization
  • Craftsmanship
  • Final Fitting


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Master Tailor, Salvatore Di Francisca at work
Consultation with the Master Tailor

The initial consultation takes about an hour depending on how much detail you want to get into and how quickly you make decisions. We are happy to move at your pace. Through experience a normal suit would have anything between 25-60 body measurements. We have developed a proprietary method of conducting a fitting that utilizes a combination of body measurements, finished measurements and the use of fit samples and the results speak for themselves. This process takes into account all the basic measurements (Length, widths, circumference etc) and the "Bespoke Magic" what we call "body peculiarities". This is what set us apart from a bespoke suit and a normal suit. This is an “Italian Art" where the master tailors interpret the numbers and notes and build a pattern and a suit as unique as the client's body.

Read Biography of Master Tailor Salvatore Di Francisca

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Vicuna is not only the worlds finest wool but it also very rare. The Vicuna is very hard to domesticate as they have a tendency to escape, the animal can only be shorn every 2 years and only one fawn is produced with each mating.


"Loro Piana Vicuna" itself comes in a rather limited array of colors as the fine wool does not take to dying very well and loses its natural beauty. Vicuna typically came in natural colors because of this but Loro Piana has succeeded in adding some variation using very sophisticated dying methods. These are namely warm and very Loro Piana colors like beige, cream, caramel rusty reds and browns. Handling and seeing the cloth is amazing. Theres almost a natural basic attraction akin to handling a solid gold ingot. The color texture and feel are extremely seductive. The cloth is also available through Loro Piana in scarves, knitwear and in their Interiors (home furnishings) line in limited numbers.


Baby Cashmere

In the mountainous regions of Inner Mongolia, Loro Piana discovered Baby Cashmere®: a rare and precious fibre exclusively obtained from the underfleece of the Hyrcus goat kid. It is gathered by means of a delicate and completely harmless procedure done only once in a goat's life, when it is between three and twelve months old.


Loro Piana Baby Cashmere® is available in extremely limited quantities: one kid produces barely 80 grams of the softest undefleece which, once the coarser outer fibres have been discarded, results in just 30-40 grams of useable fibre. So fine are the fibres of Baby Cashmere® that it takes the underfleece of 19 kids to make just one pullover



Loro Piana has spun woolen and worsted cashmere yarns for six generations. The company is the world's foremost cashmere manufacturer and largest single buyer of the finest wool. Loro Piana upholds a tradition of excellence across all of its product ranges and has done successfully for over 20 years.

Loro Piana's luxury goods division manufactures clothing, as described above, to be sold directly through Loro Piana stores and other wholesalers, whilst the textile division sells products to the world's top manufacturers, designers and tailors.


Lotus Flower

The Loro Piana Lotus Flower® is said to be one of the finest aquatic fibers ever, creating the perfect summer fabric thanks to its exceptional breathability, soft and irregular weft, and resistance to creasing.


The fiber has never before been used in the Western textile industry and is a rare find. Extracted from the stems of lotus flowers from the Burma lakes, the fiber must be weaved within 24 hours to avoid deterioration.


The fabric has the appearance of antique linen or raw silk and is available only in its natural color, ecru.


Pecora Nera

Pecora Nera® is a range of Loro Piana's rare fabrics made using New Zealand merino wool coming exclusively from the fleeces of dark coloured sheep.

These extraordinary animals are the result of 20 years of careful selection by a New Zealand breeder, who has restored the dignity and importance of dark sheep by discovering that this was the original color of the sheep bred in the past.


White sheep are in fact the result of long-term man made selection after discovering that it was possible to dye white wool in a broader range of colors. However, the dark color remained as a recessive or secondary genetic characteristic of some white sheep, which is why the flocks occasionally give birth to a black lamb whose wool is not used. This is the origin of the use of the term "a black sheep" to describe a negative member of a group.


But the New Zealand breeder focused on dark sheep, only crossing specimens endowed with this genetic heritage, rediscovering all of their original characteristics, such as the extraordinarily thick fleeces that give rise to a bright and highly resistant wool, whose natural color ranges from various shades of mixed browns to black. Another aspect is worth underlining: the wool of black sheep is totally natural and not dyed and therefore it is not affected by chemical agents.

Extrafine Wools

Loro Piana's rare fabrics made using New Zealand merino wool coming exclusively from the fleeces of dark coloured sheep.


These extraordinary animals are the result of 20 years of careful selection by a New Zealand breeder, who has restored the dignity and importance of dark sheep by discovering that this was the original color of the sheep bred in the past.


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The difference is in the details. From a distance it can be difficult to tell a high quality suit from an inferior suit. Get up close and the differences can be dramatic. We understand this and feel it is our job to give you as many customizations as possible, for it is in the many small details that takes a suit from good to incredible. First, it's mostly about the fit. We know that. But once you're guaranteed a perfect fit, it's fun to have a lot of creative control over the unique design elements of your suit.


Some clients make conservative choices and prefer the quiet confidence that comes from knowing they are wearing a world-class suit - even if the fit is the only thing that tips off their friends. Other clients choose to give their suits some flair, opting for more trendy lapels and pockets, and saying yes to each opportunity to add a pop of color or an unexpected detail. Whether conservative or flashy, or somewhere safely in between, you'll have a lot of control over the look of your suit. It will be a one-of-a-kind garment, as unique as its wearer.


Don't be intimidated by the amount of options. While some guys love the many questions, others not so much. In either case we're here to guide you through the process and make recommendations to ensure the finished product is perfect for the way you wear suits in your life.

Suit Customization

- Thousands of cloth options, all from well-known British and Italian mills
- Choose from half-canvas (standard) , full-canvas, or unlined & unstructured construction
- Single or double breasted
- 6 Lapel styles and widths
- 5 Pocket styles
- 2 Breast pocket styles
- 38 Undercollar (melton) colors
- Number of front buttons
- Number of sleeve cuff buttons
- Functioning cuff buttons (surgeon's cuffs)
- Machine or handsewn buttonholes
- With or without pick stitching
- Rear vent styles
- 21 button choices
- 90 lining cloth options
- 90 sleeve lining options

- 36 buttonhole thread color options
- 36 button 'cross stitch' color options
- 2 Elbow patch styles
- 3 Trouser plain or pleating options
- 3 Trouser pocket options
- Cuffed or uncuffed; regular or tall
- With or without side slider tabs
- With or without belt loops
- With or without suspender buttons
- 3 Vest pocket options
- 5 Vest button configurations
- 2 Vest construction options

Suits & Sports Coats : Red Company


At Salvatore Di Francisca, we know there are many elements that make up a great suit. Most of the imperative parts are hidden, and are crucial to the performance and longevity of the garment.


The particularly vital areas are the chest and shoulders, but there are a number of other areas that contribute to making a tailored garment what it should be: the most flattering, best fitting item in your wardrobe.


We take these details, whether large or small, quite seriously. Many makers in the ready-to-wear and custom suit business are intentionally evasive about disclosing their materials and methods because they cut corners, use inexpensive materials, and use heat and glue to stick it all together. Many are deliberately vague and deceptive about the country of origin of cloth and materials, the composition of cloth, and the country of manufacture.

Full Canvas

Our full canvas construction uses natural materials, all made in Italy, to create a jacket with supple structure and shape. These materials include wool canvas, haircloth (made with horsehair and cotton), wrapped haircloth, and felt. All materials are preshrunk so no shrinkage takes place on the finished garment. The wool canvas piece covers the front of the jacket, and is made up of a wool warp with a cotton and horsehair weft. The haircloth is covered in soft felt (horsehair is stout and springy, which gives the haircloth structure and promotes shape, but is scratchy against the skin) at the area of the chest. The canvas starts at the top of the shoulder and extends the length of the jacket front to the hem, also extending into the lapel. The lapel is padded (stitched together using hundreds of small stitches in a way that combines several pieces of cloth and holds them in place to maintain a specific shape) to give the lapel "roll". Roll is the curl of the lapel as it comes away from the chest, and can only be achieved using high quality canvas that has been pad stitched into place. The rolled lapel is both beautiful as well as functional. It helps the lapel hug the chest and not slouch away from it, a sign of a well-made suit jacket. By contrast, a fused or inferiorly made suit has a flat lapel, with no roll. In addition to the lapel, pad stitching is used in the chest to give it shape. Tailoring, after all, is creating a garment that will fit around and flatter the contours of body, not simply hang from it, like flat sewing. Pad stitching is also done on the canvas of the under collar to give good shape and ensure the collar lays properly. Sleeves are set into the sleeve head by hand. Shoulders are composed of the best quality materials to provide structured softness. The finishing touches include genuine horn, corozo, or mother-of-pearl buttons and cupro lining (commonly known by the brand name "Bemberg"), which provides vivid color, silky touch, and the breathability of the cotton from which its derived.

Half Canvas

Our half canvas construction uses the same high-quality materials as our full canvas construction. Where a full canvas goes from top to bottom of the jacket front, a half canvas stops around the top button. Like a full canvas, the jacket front construction begins by stitching the cut pieces together (wool canvas, haircloth, wrapped haircloth, and felt). The shell cloth (the main cloth on the outside of the suit) is then basted (stitched) together to the canvas and chest piece. The lapels are pad stitched to give roll to the lapel. The collar is pad stitched as well to provide good shape. Sleeves are sewn into the sleeve head by hand to give added elasticity and precise alignment. As with full canvas construction, structure is given to the shoulder using thin, high quality shoulder pads and minimal cotton wadding to give a clean look to the chest and shoulders that is also soft and supple to the touch. Half canvas construction is the default construction for us at Beckett & Robb. The area that differs from full canvas construction is the area below the top button, which has no haircloth. Many prefer this construction for all-season suits because it's a bit lighter weight than full canvas yet still provides the benefits of a full canvas garment, namely the stability in the chest, under collar, and lapel. Like full canvas, our half canvas suits come standard with horn, corozo, or mother-of-pearl buttons and cupro linings.


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Final Fitting

Our standard production times are 5 - 6 weeks for suits and 3 - 4 weeks for shirts. This can vary from time to time due to various reasons as the production is done in Italy. Once your order has arrived you will be contacted and “final fitting" will be scheduled.

At your final fitting your order will be delivered to you. We recommend our clients to allow time to try on the clothing and allow us to make sure that we're accomplished our shared goals for a flattering fit and beautiful design.

Te Italian tailors are quite good and meticulous and alterations are very rare, however final tweaks come with the territory and we will happily make any necessary adjustments.