About Master Tailor, Salvatore Di Francisca

Master Tailor, Salvatore Di FranciscaMaster Tailor, Salvatore Di Francisca

Master Tailor, Salvatore Di Francisca was born in Polizzi Generosa on 14th July 1933. Polizzi Generosa is a small town in the heart of Palermo's hinterland. The town is famous because it is the place of birth of Domenico Dolce (of the Dolce & Gabbana fame). Domenico Dolce’s father Saverio, a senior tailor, taught Salvatore the art of tailoring. In 1950, when he was just seventeen years old, he left his home town and went to Palermo. While in Palermo, he continued his training at the tailor's shop "F.lli Traina". Back then it was the most important and prestigious tailor's shop in the whole of Southern Italy.

During the "big jump" of 1958, Salvatore went to Milan, where he became part of Italy's greatest tailoring shop "La Baratta", located in Saint Babila's Square. In the next four years he sharpened his art and discovered the secrets of sartorial tailoring. In 1962, due to Salvatore’s dedication, hard work and impressive growth in the field, Mr. Baratta invited him to move to Beirut, Lebanon in order to run a branch shop. While there, he made handmade made to measure garments for the most exclusive clients. In fact, it was in this period where he had the opportunity to make suits for the great Actor Omar Sharrif, thanks to the filming of “Doctor Zivago” movie.

He came back to Italy ten years later in 1972. By then, mass production of garments had replaced handmade tailoring. This development and others that were happening in the industry brought change in Salvatore professional life. He started collaborating with important factories like "Corneliani" from 1972 to 1976, "Geri Uomo" until 1987, and finally “Giudice Confezioni”.

Giudice Confezioni is a historic Sicilian factory and Salvatore established a long-lasting and intense relationship with the owners while working as made to measure manager. One of the greatest successes that the partnership between  Salvatore and Giudice produced is the creation of Real Madrid Football Club’s dress uniform. Real Madrid is the world's most prestigious football team.